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BreadVan is a 3D-optimized content platform that seamlessly integrates with custom AR / VR apps. Manage, update, and deploy almost any type of 3D content across platforms and devices that support AR or VR.

How it works

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Have your bread and eat it too

We believe that 3D content management is crucial to a successful, scalable AR / VR app. Some 3D content solutions focus on power and scalability, but these are often so complex that only a skilled developer can navigate them. Then there are tools that strive for an easy user experience, but they force you to use rigid templates that limit customization. With BreadVan, you don’t have to choose between power, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Let BreadVan facilitate any kind of AR or VR app, for example:

Where it helps

Product Visualization

Let's say you have an AR mobile app that allows customers to instantly visualize your latest products in context, with all the options they can imagine. The only problem is the app's product lineup is constantly out of date. Use BreadVan to establish a dynamic connection to your ever-changing product catalogue and ensure your users can always get the freshest, most accurate content when they use the app.

Where it helps

Enterprise Training

Perhaps you're exploring ways to use headworn AR devices with your inspection team. The benefits of guiding them through the inspection steps with AR are clear, but the software and the content has to be custom to fit your process. BreadVan can serve as a 3D content management system that integrates with your device's custom AR application, making it simple to update training content like 3D text or graphics.

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Web Portal
3D Asset Management
Custom Object Prefabs
Project & User Management
Azure & S3 Integration
API Creation & Management
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Asset Delivery
Prefab Delivery
Asset Caching
Custom Prefab Instructions
Component Handling
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Android & iOS
Magic Leap
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Improved User Management
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