March 26, 2020

Making 3D Content and Delivery "Just Right"

Remember the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Goldilocks struggled to find a porridge that was the perfect temperature and flavor, but she finally found one that was “just right” once she tried Baby Bear’s. Well we had a similar realization when we looked at the options for 3D content management & delivery: the existing solutions are either too hot or too cold.

Rather, those tools are either too complex (such that only a skilled developer can use them) or too inflexible (which imposes limitations on everything from the UX to the tech stack). So BreadVan decided to cook up a new option that’s “just right”. When it comes to getting dynamic 3D content into a custom XR application, we believe the tool involved should be flexible to implement AND easy to use.

The false dichotomy described earlier is an unfortunate reality for some software products, and it can force a decision that requires a sacrifice: “If we cannot have both features we need, which one is more important?” Luckily, there are more products emerging that aim to fit user’s needs more holistically. While there will always be pros and cons when choosing between two products, it’s nice to see new tools that attempt to solve whole workflows and not just specific problems. Take Slack, for example. Slack is designed to provide the urgency of real-time chat AND the historic context of email. Or look at Zoom, which despite obvious value during the pandemic, has triumphed over several competitors by offering a solution that’s simple to install & use AND powerful enough for organizations of all sizes.

BreadVan seeks to follow this same line of thinking by offering a solution that facilitates rather than prescribes. In other words, BreadVan doesn’t require an overhaul to your process or a significant learning curve to use. BreadVan works with you, your tech stack, your people, and perhaps most importantly, your apps. Our platform makes it easy to connect a custom XR app and begin managing 3D assets right away. Whether you’re thinking about where to store your assets, who on the team should have which permissions, or how the workflow will be set up, BreadVan allows for a variety of options that are all managed in a convenient web portal.

There is no shortage of competitors in this space, but few offer a good balance of features and capabilities. On one end of the spectrum, there are plenty of low-code / no-code options that make AR apps simple to generate, but the requirement for using the proprietary application obviously puts significant limitations on what their customers can do. Then there’s development software like Unity, Unreal, and PTC Vuforia Engine which are open-ended platforms for creating custom XR apps. Although they offer ultimate flexibility, these tools are primarily meant for developers, and they aren’t designed as specific management tools for the 3D assets that live inside of those apps, nor do they have integrations with enterprise systems / platforms. Editing XR assets within custom tools like these requires technical knowledge and the same cumbersome deployment (and redeployment) process. With BreadVan, the bulk of the process is automatically handled by our plugins for 3D development tools, like Unity.

Our mission is to empower users to create & manage more amazing, custom XR apps. And we expect that, because BreadVan makes that work easier and less tedious, users will find that they have more time to focus on building better XR apps. Whether that means they have better design, more user engagement, or faster performance, we hope that you will see the benefits of using BreadVan and find that it is just right for your organization.