June 16, 2021

The BreadVan Journey, from Concept to Launch

Our Adventures in Building a 3D Content Product

Our story begins in 2016 in what was a watershed year for extended reality (XR). The Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive finally brought commercially viable virtual reality to consumers and businesses. Microsoft HoloLens and Pokemon GO gave a glimpse into the future of mixed and augmented reality.

At our parent company Shockoe, we almost immediately made the decision to pursue these technologies and incorporate them into our service offerings for our clients. We established ourselves as experts in the industry by conducting immersive innovation labs, built XR prototypes, and launched fully deployed solutions for enterprises and consumers (some of which have even won some awards like our work on PlayARt.)

In the five years since 2016, we’ve gained some significant insight into how customers use these technologies, and the types of hurdles that prevent organizations from easily adopting XR.

The reality of the situation is that organizations simply aren’t prepared to handle the designing, engineering, and deployment of XR content, so a lot of really great projects get stuck in prototype purgatory. However, we also realized that many companies are very interested in bringing the benefits of Augmented and Virtual reality to their processes. For these companies, it isn’t that they don’t want to implement XR applications, but that they simply aren’t equipped to build and manage XR.

After looking at our learnings and all the conversations we had with customers, we identified a market need for a better way to deploy and manage XR applications. While many products on the market were dedicated to faster application development, we recognized that without a substantial support infrastructure, organizations would not be able to justify XR initiatives at scale. We knew we needed to solve this problem.So in May of 2020 our team began ideation sessions for what would ultimately become the product we have today. 

A little over a year later, we are happy to announce that BreadVan has arrived.

What is BreadVan?

BreadVan is a 3D-focused content management system (CMS) and content delivery network (CDN). More specifically, BreadVan was built with the needs of XR applications in mind. 

BreadVan allows you to curate and manage 3D assets in the cloud, edit properties such as transform values and component values, and seamlessly deliver them to deployed applications in the field. 

We could not be more excited to start this journey, and we hope you will join us as we embark into the unknown. 

-Team BreadVan

P.S. Sign up for a Beta account and let us know what you think!